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50% Chlorogenic Acid from green coffee beans inhibits fat and body weight gain

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Slim Extreme Visual Diet Challenge

It's not unusual for people to believe they are eating, exercising, and supplementing correctly, yet still not look or feel as good as they could. At one time food was enough, our water was pure and our land free of chemicals...today our food, water, and air are degraded and we must not only pay more attention to what we eat, but also supplement and target our deficiencies.

"Our bodies are similar to the waters of the ocean and the minerals of the earth. We require pure hydration and nutrition. Once out of balance, it's important to reclaim your internal terrain!"

Take the Challenge one day at a time or one week at a time. At the end of the first seven days, you should feel a very optimistic difference! We will provide you simple strategies, healthful choices, and examples of daily snack, breakfast, lunch, and dinner selections you can use day in and day out! So jump in, the water is fine and you will feel a whole lot better!

Green Organics' nutritional supplements are an amazing shortcut to help you get back in balance, and Slim Extreme is a weight management product that stands alone. However, if you are up for it, taking the Slim "Visual" Diet Challenge is simple to do, and along with a few strategies and shortcuts, will enhance your health and weight management approach.

Green Organics' Slim Extreme works in synchronicity with your body, not only for decreasing appetite and relieving false hunger pangs, but also supporting your brain, cardio, and body. Slim Extreme also provides the extra stamina you need, streaming energy, and fills those nutritional deficits blamed for weight gain to begin with. Slim Extreme will be utilized in this Visual Diet Challenge for those who choose to make dietary and/or lifestyle changes as well as those who simply make a few small dietary changes, or those who simply want to take Go Slim Extreme.

What Is Nutritional Supplementation?

Supplementing with vitamins and minerals makes up the difference between what your body demands for optimal performance, versus the nutritional value absorbed from the food and beverages you ingest each day!

Pure water, healthy nutrients, and clean oxygen are vital elements for a balanced body. The organic and wild-crafted, whole food based nutritional supplements found at Green Organics International effectively bridge nutritional deficiencies and provide co-factored vitamins and minerals our bodies require.

We all recognize that over the years our natural environment and food chain have been compromised. Is it any wonder our internal environment has also been compromised? Could this be why our ancestors didn't experience the same levels of chronic illness, or why cancer and diabetes were rare?

Why Do We Hydrate?

Since our blood is mostly water and functions as a two way street - one way carrying nutrients into the body, the other moving waste out of the body - you can see why the integrity of the body's fluids and blood (environment) is critical to our well-being.

The average adult is about 70% water. A body without sufficient clean water can dehydrate and begin to ferment or be too acidic. Many people suffer from dehydration and overly acidic conditions with symptoms such as acid reflux, weight gain, stiff or sore muscles, joints, ligaments, digestive or elimination issues, skin problems - and the list goes on. Hydration along with nutrition, are key elements to strength and vitality.

GO Life ~ Simple Strategies

  • Drink Lots of Pure Water - sipping on fluids like pure water with fresh lemon, herbal tea.
    At end of day optimal hydration is 1 quart for 50lbs body weight.
  • Buy fresh vegetables, sprouts, grasses, leafy herbs - organic when possible.
    Shortcut: Green Organics Greens Vitality
  • Berries like black raspberry, raspberry and blueberry all have high antioxidants and are excellent for healthy diets.
  • Food Prep Oils Cold Pressed/First Pressed - Olive (low heat), Grape Seed (high heat)
  • Omega Oils & Protein: Flax, Chia, Hemp, Pea Protein, Avocado, Seeds & Raw Nuts of all kinds and nut butters
    Shortcut: Green Organics Smooth Vitality Protein Shake w/Omegas
  • Breads/Crackers/Cereals with sprouted grain are more easily digested.
  • Stir fry instead of frying, steam instead of boiling.
  • Chew, chew, chew your food - your teeth should be first stage of digestion.
  • Reduce intake of white and processed foods, and red meat.
  • Go to bed fully digested! Your healing cycle takes place when your body's energy is not being used to digest your dinner.

GO Life ~ Healthy Shortcuts

  • Green Vitality in your pure water with lemon is a great way for optimal absorption.
  • Fresh lemons or limes, while pre-digestively acid, are post digestively alkaline and cleansing, leaving an alkaline ash and helping your water become wetter!
    • Add to your water (and water with Green Vitality & Cell Vitality)
    • Add to good oils making delicious salad or veggie dressing
    • Add to herbal teas
    • Add to fish, pasta, or rice dishes
  • Raw Honey, Maple Syrup, Stevia Powder Concentrate, etc, are healthier whole food derived options over sugar.
  • Nut butters like Almond Butter, Sunflower Seed Butter, etc, provide excellent protein and omegas over peanut butter.
  • Non-dairy rice milk, almond milk, coconut milk, etc, are healthier options than dairy.
  • Vegetables - Look up some details on your favorite veggies. For example:
    • Broccoli is 49% protein
    • Sprouts are the most nutritious food w/least volume
    • Artichoke is healthy for the liver
    • Asparagus is healthy for the kidneys
  • Exchanges: Mayo for Veganaise, Dairy for non-dairy, White for Sprouted, Rice for Basmati Rice, Cheese for Goat Cheese or Vegan Cheese
  • Minimize: Pastas, Red Meat, Poultry, Dairy, and all processed foods (dry, cheese, etc)

GO Life ~ Good and Better Morning Meals

  • Upon Rising, take Slim Extreme followed by a glass of water, or glass of Greens Vitality.
  • Drink your breakfast: Smooth Vitality Pea & Hemp Protein Shake (Vanilla Bean) - simply add water or a few ounces coconut water (8 calories) - ice and blender optional.
    You may add many of your GO Nutritional Supplements to your shake: Cell Vitality, Greens Vitality, Cardio Extreme (N-Argi Factor), this is also a great time to take your Raw Whole Food Multivitamin.
  • Nut butter (protein) spread on rice cakes (almond, sunflower, etc.) blueberries, raspberries, or blackberries optional.
  • If eggs are your option, hard boiled or water fried, and optimally egg whites scrambled with vegetables in good first pressed oil.
  • Sprouted Grain (your body receives like a plant) cereals (Ezekial, Kashi, etc.) with non- dairy milk or yogurt
  • Whole Grain Oats available in bulk section, are the whole picked oats which can be soaked overnight in water before stovetop cooking, or better yet simply prepared in low heat crock pot without soaking, just add usual liquid.
    Steel Cut oats are a good second choice stovetop, as well as mixed grain. (Gluten is the part of wheat that binds.)
  • On the fly? Enjoy a Breakfast Bar made only of nuts and seeds and dried fruit. Avoid all cane juice and processed items. For maximum absorption and least amount of digestion, chew, chew, chew the bars, especially nuts and seeds.
  • Milk: Rice, Coconut, Almond, or Soy Milk - These beverages are presented as alternatives to dairy milk Dairy is primarily lactic acid, which means acidic, but also can be mucus forming, meaning that instead of facilitating the process of elimination it actually slows it down.
  • Sweetners: Concentrated powdered stevia powder (not cut or spoon for spoon) is an excellent plant sweetner for beverages.
    For food, sprouted grain cereal, etc, use raw honey or real maple syrup for options over processed cane, beet, and especially over high fructose corn syrup.

GO Life ~ Good and Better Snacks

  • Rough cut vegetables and dip
  • Rice cakes and Ziewack crackers or sprouted grain crackers
    Nut butter topped rice cakes
  • Sprouted Grain Bread & Tortillas
  • Various chips made with puffed rice, root vegetables, spinach, kale
  • Snack bars and granola bars w/honey
  • Nuts like almonds, and seeds
  • Coconut date rolls
  • Steamed Edamame beans with sea salt
  • Fruit juice sweetened, raspberry fig bars
  • Hummus on sprouted crackers
  • Sun dried tomato spread with goat cheese on sprouted crackers
  • 100% Berry Fruit Spread on sprouted crackers or sprouted bread

GO Life ~ Good and Better Mid-Day and End of Day Meals

  • 30 minutes before your mid-day meal (lunch), take GO Slim Extreme
  • Smooth Vitality is a great meal replacement for dinner or lunch, simply add your GO supplements, perhaps some super-berries like raspberry or blueberry, coconut water, or coconut milk, and you are good to go.
  • Quick Vegetable Soup (quick soup, fresh or frozen vegetables, cover with pure water, add sliced onion, celery, sea salt, and pepper, bring to a boil, then simmer - garnish with fresh cilantro, spinach, scallions, or parsley.
  • Sprouted bread sandwich (tuna, nut butter, turkey, or simply veggies)
  • Sprouted tortilla stuffed with sprouts, goat cheese, grated vegetables and dressing
  • Salad with lemon and oil or your favorite dressing
  • Stuffed avocado with diced cucumber and tomatoes, drizzled with lemon juice and oil
  • Rice bowl: Bowl of basmati rice with diced raw veggies (like tomato, cucumber, bell peppers, herbs, sprouts, etc) over it, drizzled with sauce or lemon and oil (sometimes called the LOVE Bowl during a cleanse)
  • Cold water wild fish broiled over lots of steamed or stir fry vegetables
  • Cold water wild fish broiled over salad greens drizzled with dressing
  • Low heat crock pot soups
  • Black Bean Tacos with lettuce, tomatoes, etc, in sprouted tortillas
  • Stir fry cold water wild fish and vegetables
  • Stuffed baked potato with steamed vegetables
  • Tuna Salad wrap in sprouted tortilla
  • Stoup - a cross between soup and stew prepared in crock pot, with larger chunky vegetables - crock pot slow cooking pre-digests the food so while you won't have fresh enzymes, you will have tons of nutrition and easy to digest especially in the evening.

At the end of each day make sure you've had at least one quart of water for every 50 pounds of body weight and that you've eaten 70-80% green vegetables, raw tomatoes, avocado, and sprouted grain.

The other 20-30% can become the choices you would have previously made, tempered by your desire to attain optimal body weight and good health.

Take the Challenge, one day at a time, and see how you feel! At the end of the first seven days, you should feel a very optimistic difference!

The Slim Extreme Visual Diet Challenge was developed by pH Body Balance Specialist and Green Organics Product Consultant, Maraline Krey, and Green Organics Fitness Director, Hassan Bailey.

Lose Weight & Keep It Off

Keep track of what you consume

Research shows that dieters who keep a food journal tracking what they eat lose twice as much as those who don't.

Avoid hunger

Eat regular meals and snacks throughout the day. Research suggests that protein helps you feel full longer, so be sure to include healthy protein choices for meals and snacks.

Hydrate before meals

Drinking 16 ounces, or two glasses, of water before meals may help you eat less.

Get plenty of sleep

Scienfitic research has discovered that sleep deprivation increases levels of a hunger hormone while decreasing levels of a hormone that makes you feel full. Recent research also shows that lack of sleep play havoc with fat cells which can lead to overeating and ultimately weight gain.

Cut out liquid calories

Eliminate soda and sugary beverages like sweetened iced tea, sports drinks and alcoholic cocktails. Sweeten your herbal teas with concentrated powdered plant stevia or raw honey, and liven up the taste of water by adding lemon, lime, cucumber, mint or melon.

Make stealthy changes

Today our markets offer non-dairy as exchanges for most of our dairy, elminating the lactic acid and much of the fats known to accompany dairy products. Try something new...almond milk, rice milk and even coconut milk with sprotued grain cereals for a healthy, stealthy change.

Practice the "Rule of One"

To avoid feeling deprived, allow yourself one small treat per day! Always carry healthy snacks and bottled water with you for quick replenishment!

Weigh yourself regularly

That's what successful dieters and those who manage to maintain weight loss do. Some step on the scales once a week. Others do so daily. Some find once a month is enough.